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Swaraglok uniquely specializes in Antim Sanskar rituals. We offer services to perform all the pujas associated with Antim Sanskar, death rites and Shradh Sanskar pujas.

Antim Sanskar Puja

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"I was a little skeptical about using Swaraglok, since it was something new.. But I was not sure where to find Pandits for my mother's Shraddh ceremony abroad. Swaraglok helped me organize a peaceful ceremony.."

About Us

Swaraglok assists you to send your loved one to a better place. It helps families of the deceased understand the processes involved and associated with the last rites. Swaraglok provides the right guidance and antim sanskar, shradh pujas and Brahmin bhoj..

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Contact Us: +91.844.773.9300

Office: +91.11.65809819

Email: [email protected]

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