What is Swarag lok?

Swaraglok assists you to send your loved one to a better place. It helps families of the deceased understand the processes involved and associated with the last rites. Swaraglok provides the right guidance and antim sanskar, shradh pujas and Brahmin bhoj that are mentioned in Vedic shastras when your loved one departs.

Swaraglok helps people conduct fulfilling last rites that every individual intrinsically deserves since they were such an important part of your life

Why have we started it?

We understand that when a loved one departs, it can be one of the hardest things you’ve had to face in your life. The idea of Swaraglok was born when we saw how emotionally taxing it can be for the family to arrange for the last rites. We at Swaraglok will provide hassle free services and easy access to expert Pandits in times of need.

Why is there need for a service like this?

Death is the ultimate truth of life. Vedic philosophy believes in reincarnation of soul according to karma. In vedic philosophy, Mrityu Sanskar (Death rituals) are the last and most important sanskar out of 16 sanskars during people’e life. Performing these sanskarsis the duty of the family members for the ultimate peace of soul. It is said that by not performing proper pujan for peace for soul results into a dissatisfied soul and soul remains in Pret yoni which results in pitra dosh for the next generations in family.

we live in a world where not everybody is acquainted with the right process involved as per shastras in performing the final rites to give a send off to your loved one.

Swaraglok helps you give your loved ones a warm send-off they deserve for their eternal journey of ultimate happiness.

How are we unique and best placed to offer these authentic services as per the shastras?

We provide authentic services that adhere to the shastras by highly qualified and expert Pandits. The antim sanskar Vedic rituals are effective only when they are conducted by Brahmins who are trained in this skill.

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