AsthiVisarjan is the process of immersing the Asthi (left-over bones and ash, after cremation) in a sacred water body. Hindu scriptures are rich sources of traditional knowledge. The legacy bestows us with a detailed philosophy behind the whole idea of death. When a person dies, his association with the physical body and all the material possession around him ends. The fate of the soul depends on the karma accumulated

over the period of life. The soul can take a rebirth or merge and become a part of God, if its karma allows it do so. The body is made of the five elements (Panchbhoot) and cremating a body helps it become a part of the Panchbhoot again. But the soul hovers around due to its attachments with the material world. Offerings of water along with chanting of sacred mantras (Tarpan) can free the spirit from its earthly attachments and let it freely attain salvation. This process of AsthiVisarjan and Tarpan is more auspicious if done in historically significant places on the banks of Ganga, according to scriptures. It can help them attain spiritual enlightenment and free them from cycles of birth and death. We at Swaraglok help you achieve this for your loved ones.

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