Why is it important to give a good send-off to the departed soul?

Everyone that enters this world does so in the luxury of their mother’s comforting arms. For every life on Earth lasts but for a fleeting moment called death, doesn’t everybody deserve a beautiful ending to this journey of life? Everybody needs to feel at peace with the death of a loved one, carried away safely to the abode of Gods.

The modern generation is unaware of the final rites to be performed to give a proper send-off to the departed soul. We help you give a send-off to your loved one.

It is said that when a person dies, his soul does not leave his surroundings immediately. It is still present around the near ones in the form of a spirit. The spirit no longer remembers its relations or loved ones. This spirit needs to be given a send-off by conducting proper religious ceremonies as per traditions written in Shastras for it it depart peacefully.

It is said that if one does not give a proper send-off to the elderlys and the loved ones, it may result in a pitra-dosh.

Why follow religious ceremonies as per shastras?

We follow the religious ceremonies as per Shastras because the traditional Hindu knowledge in the form of Vedas and other scriptures is deep-rooted. There have been evidences about the strength of prayers in the Noetic Sciences recently. India has a rich cultural heritage of shastras that are scientifically accurate.

What end to end services that we offer?

Swaraglok uniquely specializes in Antim Sanskar rituals. We offer services to perform all the pujas associated with antim sanskar, death rites and Shradhs sanskar pujas.

1. Asthi visarjan services

2. Antim Sanskar pujas

3. Shradh sanskar pujas

4. Brahmin bhoj

Brahmin Bhoj is believed to be an integral part of the mourning rituals on the thirteenth day after the death of a close family member. This ritual is believed to appease the souls of our ancestors and help them rest in peace. Performing Brahmin Bhoj is said to cleanse the sins of forefathers, and also helps us attain salvation.

5. Antim sanskar samagri packages

6. Remedies and Solutions

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