ALLAHABAD (2 night and 3 days)

About the city:

Situated at the confluence of three holy rivers: Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati; the city is piously sacred and important. At the time of Pitru Paksha Mela, pinddaan kriya done with asthi visarjan is considered to be very auspicious for the departed souls.


Day 1-

Arrival at the hotel from railway station/ airport

Pitru Paksha Mela: For the salvation and sanctity of the departed souls, Hindu devotees perform the asthi visarjan and shradh ritual at this time of the year. This is a pious form of remembrance for our departed souls and ancestors and we remind them that we still love and miss them.

Overnight stay at hotel in Allahabad

Day 2-

Sangam:Sangam literally means confluence. The place has been named so because it is situated on the confluence of Ganges, Yamuna and a mythical river named Saraswati. It is one of the sacred sites for Hindus.

Allahabad Fort: The fort is established on the northern banks of river Yamuna, near the confluence. It is piece of art work created by Mughal emperor Akbar.

Anand Bhavan:Anand Bhavan is the ancestral home of Jawaharlal Nehru, the freedom fighter and the first Prime-Minister of has been transformed into a museum now, displaying the memories of Nehru family.

Alfred Park: It is the largest park in Allahabad, marked by huge statue of George V and Victoria in the centre.

Allahabad University:During the course of history, the university has maintained its sound academic tradition and several extraordinary achievements to its credit.

Khusrau Bagh:The Parkholds historical significance due to the tomb of Prince Khusru (son of Emperor Jahangir).

Minto Park:Minto Park has been erected on a site near the Saraswati Ghat in Yamuna; holding special relevance during British era.

Bade Hanuman Ji: The statue of Bade Hanuman ji hold varied stories of its miracle and is widely known for blessings of will power and courage.

Overnight stay at hotel in Allahabad

Day 3-

Alopi Devi Temple: Situated at the holy sangam, this temple is peculiar in a way that there is no statue of any Deity in this temple rather there is a wooden carriage or ‘doli’ which is worshipped.It is dedicated to “Mother Sati”, the wife of Lord Shiva.

Beni Madhav Temple:This BeniMadhav temple is one of the 12 Madhav temples, located in Prayag, who is considered the main god of Prayag as per Padma puran.

Departure from Varanasi to Railway Station / Airport

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