After the deceased passes away, Shradh is performed on the 11th day. After that, Shradh is held once every month or after six months, if circumstances are not fit. After an year, A VarshikShradh is held. These regular ceremonies of Shradh are the days when the deceased should visit us and we satisfy the souls with meals which in turn eases their steps in the journey beyond death.

Shradh should be held every year on the date of passing away of the loved one. If for some reason, the date is not exactly known, the Shradh can be held on the new moon of the month. If both date and month are unknown, it is performed on the new moon of Magh month in the Hindu calender.

Shradh is also performed during PitrPaksha, the fortnight before Mahalaya, in the month of Bhadrapad. It is said that ancestorsupto three generations visit us during the time, and offering ShradhSanskar to them bestows us with blessings.
Shradh performed on the occasion of AkshayaTritiya (late April-early May) is known to be auspicious, as the benefits to the deceased soul and the punya it begets the performer of the Shradh is timeless.

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